Getting wanted LEICA M10-P in the COVID-19 era

I was dreaming of taking photos with Leica’s rangefinder digital camera because the style and concept are similar to FUJIFILM X-Pro Series.
However, I really wanted to get the Leica’s camera in the COVID-19 era when we would not easily travel around the world and go out, and have less chances to take photos.

I browsed Leica’s official website, thinking of which Leica’s camera fits to me.
I found the words in a Leica’s camera without symbolized red badge.

“Go unnoticed.”

I felt it is the best camera to take snapshots and do street photography on the trip, then I purchased Leica’s M10-P(used camera, of course hahaha).

I am looking forward to another photo life with the Leica’s camera.

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