Challenge to ‘PURE PHOTOGRAPHY’?

On 2019/9/20, FUJIFILM announces the development of the new X-Pro series model X-Pro3.
Under the announcement, one of the leading camera and film manufacturer suggests the definition of ‘PURE PHOTOGRAPHY’, which contains 3 essential parts.

‘CARRY & ACCESS(You need to walk, carry camera and access to subject which you want to shoot)’
….Yes, exactly.

‘FIND & FRAME(You need to find a nice subject which you are waiting to shoot and to frame to the best composition, so you need to have a very good view finder.)’
….Yes, I agree with that.

‘SHOOT TO EXPRESS(Without pressing a shutter button all the subject would be disappeared. You don’t need to touch camera and look back a rear screen so much)’
….Uhm, I think a rear screen is very convenient to check focus point on taken photos.

And then,

“(Quality of) the EVF is perfect, so (at rear part there is )no screen at all.”

(Actually X-Pro3 has a rear sub monitor to display some needed information to take photos and ‘Hidden LCD’ to be able to shoot at waist-level.)

No way!
What can I do to check focus accuracy?
I can check taken photos soon on the EVF(as compromise of ‘PURE PHOTOGRAPHY’)!”

So already in my camera bag the new version of the X-Pro Series is waiting for good opportunities.

I am looking forward to take journey and beautiful photos with the cool rangefinder-style camera!

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